22nd birthday with Min

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello! Okay today's another post on celebrating my birthday too hahah, i know i know i've already blogged abt 2 other birthday celebration posts, you must be thinking wtf how many times does this girl have to celebrate her birthday?! Sorry but after this post there's another birthday post coming up still! hahahah!

Dear Min brought me out for brunch at TWG and i had the most amazing lagsana ever! Yums!

Went shopping a little and saw these lovely bowed suede pumps and we got mitchy matchy pumps! Hahahaha it's been long since i bought any "mitchy matchy" stuff with any of my gfs. So darn cute.

Awwwww! She totally surprised me with these Rilakkuma candles how cute!!!! Awww 22 this year already, sobs sobs. Feel so darn old.

So cute! Even the staff manager at NYDC was like omg so cute can i take a photo of the candles?! Hahahah

So happy leon was suppose to be in camp for reservist that's why he celebrated with me earlier, but in the end he could come out! Yay, since he'll be traveling for work the very next day for 3-4 days, I'm glad i got to see him. (:

Ahhhhh furry cuddly riri iphone case from Min~ So sweet looking or what! Hahahah my mum has this big ass doremon iphone cover and i showed her this and told her, mummy i win yours already! Hahahaha huge furry riri.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Crushing on my aeropostale bikini

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Aeropostale buys finally arrived after such a long wait, so in love with my new bikini, neon pink crochet over neon orange! Totally screams for attention lol.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Tea Bone Zen Mind

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last week Gwennie & Furry brought me to Tea Bone Zen Mind for High Tea to celebrate my birthday, thanks girls! Best high tea experience ever heh. 
We spent about 4-5 hours to finish our high tea set, it's at a private shophouse and you have to call and book at least one day in advance because they make their food in limited portions like you have 3 people in your tea party and they only prepare three sets, no more no less. Feels so special hehe

Our comfy seats where we spent the entire afternoon chatting and enjoying the different teas! I wish my future home look like this, it's soooo inviting and homely.

Slippers we wore the entire time!

We had a lychee oolong tea and plums while waiting for furry!

Iced tea with rum and a crispy cracker treat, hahahah it's funny to see gwennie get tipsy over a small small small amt of rum! I want the sparrow stirrer.

Love letters and prezzies for me! Heh thanks Gwennie & Furry you girls are soooo sweet!

I have every single love letter than gwennie wrote me over the years, awww we known each other thru a singapore anglican churches youth camp when we were 14!! She's one of those rare friends that make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside whenever i think of her.

Furry is the proud owner of! She sponsored me a pair of booties yeeeeears ago and it's still one of my favorite pair of booties even thou it's pretty worn looking now.

Look at what gwennie & martin got me!!! Hahahahah best gift ever, she calls it the tranny riri, cos turn one side riri, turn another side - riri mei mei! LOL

Went home and showed it to my mum and she was like AHHH WHY NO HEAD LEH?! then she proceeded to do this:

-.- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I've the cutest mum ever.

Thank you furry for the Soap & Glory goodies!!! I love Soap & Glory esp their scrubs and bubble baths!

Oh their tea egg with sake is SO DARN GOOD.

Earl grey tea with sweet treats.

So tempted to get one of these pretties! .. well i do need a new teapot.. hahahah well girls always have excuses to buy new pretty stuff, no?

Bought the Momo Oolong tea 水蜜桃乌龙茶 home to enjoy whenever i want to! heh

Loves, TheLuckiestchick.

Mini Garden

I've been a naughty girl and playing with dirt lately.

Hahahah okay kidding, i've been trying to make the limited space outside my place more of a mini garden. I started with a few cute little pots of succulents Shirley, her sister and i took forever to sift out the prettiest of the lot at Ikea, $2.90 per pot!

This little one in the middle is my favorite! So darn adorable. Heh actually i love succulents cos they are so easy to care for! Forget to water them for days and they will still survive, and there's something about those juicy plump succulent petals that i cannot resist. 

I paint the glass pot with gold spraypaint and repotted these babies and they're thriving and growing bigger rapidly! So so cute!

Ohhh! I spy a lil fluffy blob of bunny in my succulent garden! 

Bunny: Oh hello *wave paw* don't mind me please! *Sniff sniff*

On the other side of my mini garden..

Pretty spring-ish lil flowers popping out like crazy!!! Hahahah i was watering the flowers this morning and found a fat caterpillar under one of the leaves and screamed for my mum lol.

Ok my mum is my hero seriously. She's scared of insects like me but when it comes to me she would totally step up and chase away whatever creepy insects even though she's scared as hell. So after she got rid of the caterpillar she told me it's a catarpillar that would turn into butterflies! OMG do you think i shouldve left it alone and let it turn into a butterfly? Now i'm feeling bad. Boo.

This is my gazania seedlings! This is my first time growing anything from seed so i'm not really sure how it would go but after looking at the empty soil for days and seeing these little leaf sprouting out makes me so darn happy!

Oh behind is my wheatgrass planters that i grow for my guinea pigs! I snipped hanful of them off and feed my guinea pigs daily and they treat it like the best thing in the world lol they go absolutely nuts for a couple blades of wheatgrass. My mum and i ocassionally juice them to drink as wheatgrass supplement shots. It's suppose to be really good for detoxing etc.

Hahahah at first i was kinda doubtful before i took my first swig of wheatgrass juice! I was thinking errrrr, it's essentially grass so how would it taste like? I don't wanna feel like a cow... *mooo*

But it was amazingly sweet! Like the sweet taste stays on your tongue for a long long time. Very yummy!

We went cut flower shopping yesterday to get some flowers for my grandma's birthday and we found these gooooooorgrous hydrageas! It's my favorite and i just realize it's my grandma's too yesterday, so we got 3 different shades and these adorable little pink flowers to go with it.

DIY craft of the day: Repurposed light bulb that i hollowed and it's now a pretty little suspended vase for my room!

Loves, TheLuckiestchick.

RIP Baby P.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

RIP Baby Peanut, thanks for bringing me such joy in my life for the past 7 years and also giving me my sweetie mimao & meeko. Wait for me in heaven with Nutella alright hamsum baby.

It's always heartbreaking and so tough to see your pet grow old and watch them suffer,  i miss him but at the very same time i'm so relieved he's not suffering even a minute longer.

Miss you baby p.

I'm been playing with dirt and doing some container gardening this couple days, to distract myself a little i guess. Blog about my mini garden when i'm more or less done! (:

Got this at Garden Festival SG yesterday, and i named it Baby Blooms. Can't wait for it to bloom!

It's sitting beside my desktop, it looks so cheerful i wanna smile everytime i look at Baby blooms! Gotta go pack for my mummy's cellgroup party tomorrow, goodnight! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

22nd birthday!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Haha hello! Today's my 22st birthday and I'm heading out to celebrate my birthday over tea with Min and gonna have dinner with boyfriend! Actually boyfriend celebrated my birthday in advance because he thought he'd be stuck in reservist so i get to celebrate my birthday twice, double yay!!! :D

Such a greedy girl heh, here's my birthday OOTD & FODT!

He brought me for brunch at Food For Thought @ Botanical Gardens, then we had a staycation, spent the afternoon chilling and swimming in the coooold coooold pool and having toe cramps in the pool lol exploring arab street area and walked past that yummy swiss roll place, the kaya & durian flavor is DA BOMB man, then we went for Thai BBQ at golden mile and ended the night with shisha, wine & beer and the combination of everything prolly was the cause of me being down with flu for the entire week now!  

Going out for tea with Min to celebrate my birthday NOW! Seeya. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.